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Compatible mobile Amps/Dacs for the iPhone 5

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by ruby2, Mar 11, 2013.
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  1. jazzman7
    It is interesting that you say this -- I have not tested the microStreamer with and without additional battery power, but I suspect that the limits of the iPhone power supply could affect the output stages of a DAC/amp in terms of its amplification performance.  It is clearly the case that the CCK/Lightning-to-USB does not provide full current to the USB spec; otherwise there wouldn't be the "too much power" message in the first place.  I also doubt that the microStreamer's headphone out was designed with power limits in mind (the iPHone capability was only made available after a firmware update).
    What I usually do with the microStreamer now when using it with the iPhone is pair it with an amp, in this case a FiiO E12DIY.  This makes a mini-stack that is still pretty compact.  The microStreamer is ideal in this case as it has a dedicated line out -- not all portable DAC/amps do.  I think this gets over any remaining issues with power to the microStreamer as only the DAC on the microStreamer is in play. 
  2. CharlesC

    Thanks for the reply. It won't surprise you to hear that iPad --> microStreamer --> Magni sounds very good.  I had thought to look for a battery dac/amp but perhaps a battery amp would be better -  probably less money and certainly more options.  Thanks again.
  3. pasmeh
    Fiio E07K works with iPhone 5 - review here [​IMG]
  4. taddraughn
    Wanted to post a reply somehwere about this even though this thread is an old one. I recently got a Dragonfly because i had seen posts about where people used UNPOWERED usb hubs to get it to work. Maybe the way apple does the verification of how much power is drawn is different now than it was, but I used the exact unpowered one that i saw in a post and it did not work. I am now using a pluggable powered hub and works great, but just wanted to let people know that it seems to be a luck of the draw thing with the unpowered hubs. 
  5. richt48
    I just wanted to post here on this compatibility page that the iBasso D14 Bushmaster works fine with my iPhone 5s when connected via the a CCK cable, or more accurately described perhaps as the Lightning to USB cable as seen on this Apple Store page link:

    I used to use the iBasso D4 with TopFlight kit and it sounded really nice. I only stopped using it when the fragile USB port on it died. Such a shame then that this new D14 uses the same weak type of USB connection when other, more robust ones, are available. It does pair nice with my iPhone and it sounds quite a bit better IMO than the Onkyo HA200 that I also have. 
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