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Comparrison Master and Dynamics MH30 vs V-Moda XS - comments?

  1. Shaitan
    Hi all,

    I am not sure how much in the same league these two headphones are (definitely not in the same price point), but I was wondering if you could tell me your view on a potential comparrison. I am in the market for a good on-ear headphones and came across M&D brand very recently. While they are not cheap at all, I really like the way they look online (unfortunatelly there is no shop I can see and test them for real) and I am really leaning towards treating myself with a pair.

    I am looking at strictly on-ear portable headphones, which are easily driven by a mobile phone only, without the need of extra amplification. I comute couple hours a day, which includes, walking and public transport, so portability is very important. I listen to variety of music (spotify mostly) and also podcasts.

    For home use, I mostly use a combination of DT770 (80ohm) paired with Cayin 5 amp and really love the combination and sound. So if there is something that will offer comparable sound (or better) will be great.

    In light of this, I had considered the Thinksound On2, but I didn't like how they sit on a person's head, with big distance between the head and headband above the ears. I am looking for a pair, which will fit closely around the head, without space between my head and the headbands - my head is small anyhow :) Also, I looked at Beyerdynamic T51p, and KEF M500, which seems are in similar or close price range.

    Can you please let me know your oppinions and recomendations for other pairs I may have missed on.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Shaitan
    ...thought to bump up the thread, hope someone shares oppinion.
  3. Zadok
    I don't know the M&D ones, but I have had my crossfade m80 which was the first version of the XS for 6 years now. I've taken them to 15 countries on planes, trains, boats, and buses. They isolate so well that I don't even hear people knocking on my door or yelling my name while listening. They are V shaped in their sound signature for sure, but having recessed mids does not mean the mids that are present are unclear; they just play at a lower relative volume to neutral. That and the fact that they are nearly indestructible makes them great for portable use.

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