Comparison of these sub $200 headphones? (PLEASE HELP)
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Sep 22, 2012
So ive waited WAY too long to buy my first pair of actually good headphones (Ive been surviving on monoprice 8320s). Recently I've been set on Beyerdynamic Custom Pro Ones, but a friend is now telling me they don't really compare to Shure SRH440's (which are half the price), and that they are overpriced peices of crap. So now I'm having second thoughts on my decision, and want some final input from you guys (please, any input at all is truly appreciated).
So these are the narrowed down list of possible choices in a ~$200 budget:
Logitech UE6000 (Ive heard of a product defect that makes one can louder than the other, the store model at best buy most definitely had this which makes me skeptical of buying it)
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (Ive heard that these are overpriced and that the bass knobs are a gimmick, also that they are not very rock solid build quality wise and that they are not quite as good as the m50s in the higher mid and high range)
Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro LE 32 ohm would definiatley be a contender if it was just slightly cheaper (if anyone can give me a link to where I can get them in the $200 range that would be awesome).
By the way, what is the diffrence in sound between the COPs and the 32 ohm DT-770's sound? Anyway, I digress...
Shure SRH840 (Ive heard they are bulky and heavy)
My setup is a late 2011 macbook pro, and an ipod touch 5g. The majority of my music is ALAC lossless at around ~800 to ~1200 bit rate (usually a CD rip)
My taste in music is as follows:
Electronic (Monstercat, Savant, Rogue, Animanaguchi, Daft Punk, Nero, Cash Cash, KDrew)
Rock/Pop (Alex Goot, The fray, Chris Clouse, Stroke 9, Walk off the Earth, Mat Kearney, Micheal Jackson, Alex Day, labrinth)
Soul (Alex Clare, Adele)
I sometimes listen to accapella as well, and I enjoy everything Andi Slavik does.
I also watch a ton of podcasts and YouTubers daily.
For any other suggestions, I need them to have a removable cord, and to run fine without an amp, since it has to be portable. Also, they have to be over ear, and noise canceling.
Thank You SO much,

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