Comparison between Sennheiser hd 600 and Sennheiser Momentum?
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Dec 31, 2012
Hello Head-fi community!
I'm new to the audiophile community so bare with my lack of knowledge in this field! I'm wondering if the two headphones have a similar sound and quality of the sound.

Both of the headphones are similarily priced however, the hd 600 are open air cans compared to the closed cans of the momentums. I want to make the splurge and purchase a pair of momentums but I am not sure if I will be happy with the sound. I really love the hd 600's sounds and even if it is unamped. I'm pretty much looking for a mobile pair of headphones that I can bring around and go off into my own world when I'm on the subway or if I'm studying in a noisy room. Open air cans don't really have the luxury of that as well as the portability of hd 600 doesn't exist. Are the momentums worth it and the right pair of headphones for me?
Thank you!

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