Comparing JVC Budget Headphones
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May 9, 2004
I'm looking for some cheap knockaround headphones.  I've been reading reviews on here about the JVC line, many quite old, and I'm interested in a comparison.  Basically, there are the JVC HARX Line (300, 500 and 700) and the HAS line (400 and 500).  People seem to like the SQ on the HAS line but say they are uncomfortable (on ears maybe).  The HARX 700 gets good reviews, and people seem to find them more comfortable.  So what's the deal?  Do the HAS 500 sound better than the HARX 700s - enough to justify the comfort issues?  No one in town seems to carry any of these, so it's going to be mail order and I'd appreciate opinions on SQ, Durability and Comfort.  Thanks.

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