Compare Denon AH-C700 or AH-C751 to Grado IEMs
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May 31, 2006
If you have experience with either of the Denons and the Grados, please let me know how they compare. I use to own a pair of Denon AH-C700's and I loved them. Unfortunately they broke a couple years ago and I am having no luck finding a replacement pair. At least not for a decent price.They reminded me very much of my SR225's at the time.I would love to find another pair but I have also been curious about how any of the Grado IEMs compare to them.
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You know, memory can me a tricky thing. We tend to remember what we want to remember. I guess it's not so much that they sound just like Grados, but rather they seemed very forward to me in the way that Grados tend to. Especially the SR225s.
I had hoped to be able to find a pair of C700's or even C751's (since they are basically the same. But it seems the only pair I can find is from a Korean dealer on eBay. There have been some Grado GR8's and GR10's pop up on the FS forum for decent prices. But I'm hoping that they sound similar to some full size Grados. 
Do you know how the C710's compare to the C700 or C751?
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sadly the C710 was a disappointment compared to predecessor.
it was much more sensitive, the bass was massively boosted and it lost that cold metallic acoustic nature.  not thta the C710 was terrible but for me it was a clear step down form the peculiar and interesting sound of the C751.
acoustically the IEM that i think is most like that of the C751 is the TF10.  they do some things differently but on the whole the TF10 is a great deal better and shares that cold dry tone and still keeps a fairly big bass.  its fit can be an issue but for most 751 like that would be where id aim.

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