Comfortable headphones for extended sessions

  1. stslimited84
    I've been searching for a pair of headphones to use for extended gaming sessions (I. E. Multiple hours at a time) that are comfortable and don't give me a headache. I've tried the following sets:

    Vmoda Crossfade LP2, Beyerdynamic DT770 pro, Sony mdr1a, akg k7xx and the famed Philip sh9500s.

    The sh9500s has been the best regarding comfort for length of time tends to hurt and give me a headache around an hour of use or less. I'm really frustrated with not being able to be comfortable while playing.

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can remedy this issue? The qualities of importance in order are:

    1) Comfort
    2) Soundstage
    3) Required amplification - currently do not have an amp but would consider getting one if the headphones provided the comfort level I'm looking for.

    I have a fairly large head with the commensurate size ears.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Monsterzero
    Have you tried the open backed Beyers? DT990/880 both have wide sound stage and are comfortable.They come in multiple versions so if you were to buy the low ohm version an amp would not be necessary,but always beneficial.

    Another option is the Fidelio X1 or X2,which is what I use for gaming.Easy to drive,wide stage,big bass for immersion and pretty comfortable for me but my head is on the smallish to normal side of things.
  3. stslimited84
    My post is all inclusive of the headsets I've tried. At this point, I'm feeling aggravated. All of the cans have been reputed to be "comfortable" but my ears just start hurting after a while and I have to stop playing due to it. Wouldn't the dt 990/880 have the same feel as the DT 770 I already tried?

    I dont know what the issue is. Meanwhile I see so many reviews of people wearing headphones for hours on end and not blinking an eye...
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  4. buke9
    Bar none the most comfortable headphone I own is the Koss ESP 950. You could wear it for days as it is so light and not much clamp force. It comes in a kit with a carry case ,cables and amp even a battery pack for a transportable use. I got mine about two years ago for $560 or 580 can’t remember for sure but they fluctuate and most of the time are at $999 . The others I have that can wear for hours are the HD-700’s and 800’s very comfy also but are a bit pricey and also would need a amp.
  5. Monsterzero
    Quite similar,yes.

    Comfort is such a subjective thing.I see people complain about heavy headphones quite a bit.I guess I have a strong neck cuz heavy doesnt bother in the least...But a strong clamp will send me running every time.
  6. stslimited84
    I agree comfort is subjective. That being said I think the clamp may be a good portion of the issue a long with needing bigger cups
  7. serman005
    I think you should check out an HD598 and see what you think. It is hands down the most comfortable headphone I own and can be worn for extended periods by me and others. Maybe give it a test spin. It might work for you.
  8. Devodonaldson
    Audioquest Nighthawk. The original wood version is the least expensive. 26ohm. I sleep in them, nightly, that's how comfortable they are.
  9. buke9
    The Nighthawks are comfortable but boy are they warm sounding. Too much for me.
  10. Devodonaldson
    Well it's true, we definitely all hear a little differently. Nighthawk/Nightowl are 1 of my 3 favorite headphones. Other 2 are the Sony Z1r andy favorite to date is the Abyss-1266 Phi. So yeah, warm city for me! Warm yes, but all 3 are very detailed
  11. buke9
    That also has to do with source. Not giving you crap about the Nighthawks just not my favorite. The ZR1’s I like just have a bit of trouble with the treble sounding a bit metallic. Just got a pair of Abyss and for sure they are not Phi’s but still the best planars I have heard.
  12. chimney189
    Audio Technica ATH-AD900
  13. poilsoup2
    If you want open backs: the m1060's I hear are very comfortable. I was looking at the ath ad1000x, senneheissers are often pertty comfrotable. You could also look at some iems maybe?
  14. stslimited84
    Thank you all for the input so far. One of the main obstacles at this point is to be able to effectively try out the various headphones to see if they meet my needs. Aside from purchasing and returning ad nauseam, I don't know how to accomplish trying each out. The sennheiser 598 SR seem reasonable to try next as they are in a decent price range. I'd probably be willing to go up to 300 if a set of cans we're as comfortable to me as they claim.

    I was mainly looking into open back sets as they seem to provide the sound stage I need for gaming as well as a better music experience (secondary function). That being said, I'm open to whatever type meets my goals.

    I haven't tried IEM's yet. Is there a particular set that would be reasonable for gaming? I could always use a set to take with me during travel as well.
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  15. Monsterzero
    Perhaps get to Manhattan this weekend and go to CanJam? Outside of flying to SE Asia CanJam is your best bet for having hundreds of different headphones all in one place to test out.

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