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Comfortable closed over-ear headphones

  1. Sardo
    Hi everyone. Once again I need your help finding a pair of headphones. I work on video editing, so I spent around 8 hours a day in front of the PC with headphones on my ears. I really need a pair of extra comfy closed back over-ear headphones. My budget is only 50€ (~50$), so I know it will be difficult to find something that cheap, comfortable and has a decent sound. The priority here is really to get something comfortable, obviously it will be better if they sound good as well (decent at least).

    Thank you for your help :)
  2. Luminance
    Take a look at these models:
    Takstar Pro 82
    Audio-Technica ATH-M30X
    Panasonic HD6M
    Pioneer SE-MS5T
    Sennheiser HD 451
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  3. GREQ
    As long as your ears aren't way above average size, definitely need to add Creative Auvana Live to that list.
    Extremely light, comfortalbe, light-clamping force, and punches higher than most headphones 3-4X it's price... but if your ears are larger than average, they might not fit the bill.
  4. Sardo
    Thank you both for your suggestions.

    Takstar Pro 82 seems nice, but unfortunetly I cannot find them at that price in Europe. Do you know any store where I can find them in that price range?

    Audio-Technica ATH-M30X is in my shortlist, but I have seen mixed oppinions regarding their comfort. So, I am not very sure about them. The Panasonic HD6M and Pioneer SE-MS5T seem nice, but I don't find much feedback on them. What is the general opinion on these models?

    The headphones that I am trying to replace are a pair of Sennheiser HD 439. I really enjoyed their comfort level, so another pair of Sennheiser would make sense to me. The problem is that the HD 451 and the HD 461 appear to be sold out everywhere or with an inflated price tag.

    The Creative Aurvana Live! are also on my shortlist and seem to be an interesting option so far. Would they be a better option than the AKG K92?
  5. serman005
    You might also check out a Superlux HD681 or HD681 Evo and see what you think. Both are very solid and in your price range.
  6. GREQ
    If I recall correctly, most headphones would be a better option than the K92, but it was a very quick audition.
    My impression of most budget AKG's has always been very bad.

    +1 for trying out some Superlux. You'll save money and get something built to last.
  7. Sardo
    The Superlux seem a good option, but they are semi-open aren't they? I don't mind if they isolate well or not, but I am concerned about the sound leakage. Since they are going to be used at a workplace, do you think that would be a problem?

    Thanks for all the help
  8. McQwerty333
    Status audio CB-1 are sooo comfortable. I wear them for 2-3 hours at a time almost daily, you could easily wear them 8 hours. They are a little over your budget at $80, but i think it's worth it as they are also pretty much undeniably the best sounding headphones under $100.
  9. Sardo
    Hey guys, just leaving an update on the situation. I know it was probably not the best choice regarding sound, but I chose to buy the AKG K92. After reading about the models you suggested, the ones that aroused my interested by combining comfort and sound quality were a above what I could afford, while the rest seemed to be less comfortable than desired. I chose the AKG K92 as their comfort seems to be more or less consensual, so I thought it would be a safer bet. Anyway, thank you very much for all your kind help.
    Audio-Technica ATH-M30X
    Not good enough in terms of sound quality

    Panasonic HD6M
    Suck big time in terms of sound quality. So damn horrible.

    Pioneer SE-MS5T
    May sound too harsh for everyday use

    Sennheiser HD 451
    Just the perfection. Comfortable, dark and still resolving. Definitely the choice.

    AKG K92
    Ain't they clampier than needed?

    Superlux HD681
    Waaay too clampy and treble-harsh.
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