Comfortable closed-back headphones for large ears.
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Sep 24, 2015
Hello everyone,
I am looking for new headphones.  I am far from an audiophile, just looking for something with good sound, but comfort is my main issue.  I have slightly larger ears that also stick out, so I am looking for something that has large and deep ear cups so I can wear for hours at a time with no ear fatigue.
For reference, I am coming off Logitech G930 headphones (I know, they suck), which had the perfect size ear cups for me, both in size and depth.  I have tried a series of headphones since:
Beyerdynamics DT770 -- The ear cups on these are almost the right size.  The depth isn't quite where I want them as my ears still touch the inside.  Also the clamping pressure on these is just slightly more than what would be comfortable for me.
Sennheiser RS 170 -- I got used to having wireless due to using G930s for long, so I gave these a shot.  The weight of the headphones are so light, they are perfect in that regard.  However, the ear cups are too small, so ear fatigue sets in after an hour or so.
I also used to own ATH-M50s, which had great sound in my opinion, but hurt wayyy too much to use for more than an hour at a time.
I was looking at the RS 175s as well, but I cannot tell if the ear cups are larger than the RS 170s, I can't seem to find specs for that anywhere.  If someone can confirm that the earcups on the 175s are larger and deeper, that would be my first choice.  However, I am willing to take anything that will be comfortable for me.
Wireless is not necessary, but a longish cord would be (at least 10 ft. or 3 m).  Price range cap would be about $300 but closer to $200-250 would be better.
Thank You!
Edit:  Also a detachable cord would be a plus, but not a deal breaker.
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Nov 22, 2012
You could read about the Soundmagic HP-150.

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