Comfortable and Lightweight Headphones?
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New Head-Fier
Nov 29, 2013
I am on the search for extremely comfortable and lightweight headphones. I am a gamer, so gaming is my priority. I don't play many FPS games on PC (I play some); I mainly play RTS and MMO games. Music is my second priority as I sometimes listen to music while I game or am simply on the computer. Movies are my third priority, but 95% of the time I use my computer speakers for movies.
I currently own Logitech G930's, and they are far too heavy for me. They give me neck pain. I also own a pair of Turtle Beach Earforce XP Sevens, and they clamp way too hard, have terrible pads, and also hurt my neck due to heaviness. Now, I am aware that both of these suck in reality, and I am looking to delve into better audio quality. I am not looking for a headset anymore, just headphones. I now have an external microphone.
Thus, I am looking for a pair of lightweight and comfortable headphones that will provide me with good quality for gaming and music.
Budget: $200 (I am willing to go slightly over if it is worth it.) (I also buy everything off Amazon/Ebay or the such since it is generally cheaper.)
What can you guys recommend for me?

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