Comfort of UM1 + SQ of X-5 = ?
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Jun 16, 2008
I ordered the X5s during the 1/2 off sale. I love their lively sound, punchy without being muddy or overpowering bass, and pretty much everything else. The problem I have is that the oval tips create pressure spots in my ear canals and the shape of the body sticks out of my ears enough so that they're pressed into my ears when I'm wearing a winter hat. I've tried rotating them in my ears, different insertion angles, but no dice. They start to hurt after an hour or two.

I ordered a pair of UM1s to try based on the raving reviews about comfort. They arrived today and I plugged them into my iPod. I love the fit, I love the complys, and I love the over-ear cord and how flexible it is, but the's so anemic! I don't consider myself a basshead, but there's no punch on either the high end or low end. My biggest disappointment is how compressed everything sounds compared to my Klipschs.

I've listened to Metallica's S&M, Paramore's The Final Riot! (live), some Rise Against, and a pretty representative sampling of my Diana Krall collection, and am not impressed at all. I love the comfort, but don't think I'm willing to sacrifice sound.

How can I get the best of both worlds without exceeding my $125ish budget? Can I just shove the comply tips onto my X-5s even though the comply website lists the two IEMs using different tips (T100 vs. P)? Would the UM1s be better amped?

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