Comfort and Sound: DT Pro 770 vs 880 vs 990 vs Mad Dog vs ATH-A900x vs ATH-AD900X vs ATH-AD700X
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It would help to know what sources your going to be plugging the headphones into?
The Audio Technica headphones are headphone amplifier optional (best with a low impedance amp)
The Beyers need to be used with a decent headphone amplifier (great for plugging into receivers)
Assuming the Mad Dogs would work best with a decent amp, not sure how well they work without a decent amplifier?
I think I would prefer the ATH-AD900X, over the other headphones (maybe the Mad Dogs would be the best pick?).
The HD600 would be a little more preferred for music and the HD598 maybe better for FPS gaming (between the two Sennheiser models)
HD600 need a decent amp,
HD598 amplifier optional (but better with one).
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I own the 770 and 880 and they are both equally comfortable. Perhaps the most comfortable phones I have ever worn until I get my Alphas. :wink:
Ive owned ATH-M50, which are good for the price, PSB M4Us and Nad 50s I think they were called and they crushed my head.

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