Comedian George Carlin Dies...
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Feb 19, 2002
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****, piss, ****, ****, **********, mother****er, and ****

And at least he was alive when they announced this:

WASHINGTON (AP) Comedian George Carlin, who's known for his cerebral material, is being tapped for the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. It will be awarded November 10th at the Kennedy Center in Washington. Carlin will become the 11th recipient of the award.
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Originally Posted by ZepFloyd /img/forum/go_quote.gif
man people on wikipedia are fast

haha that was the first place i went to see if this was true
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I was suppose to see him in a month...and we were looking forward to it...that sucks...well, life is worth losing indeed.

Pease, Forever
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As he was the man I was most confused for on Head-fi for some reason, I just want to say George Carlin may be dead, but ****, i'm still the **** alive so piss on that you *****, chew on them **** and stop being such cocksuckin mother****ers!
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always loved his religion bit.
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He was probably the first comic that I got into when I was younger, and I remember reading his books at an early age. That motherf.ucker was so funny, it was unfair. I always dreaded the day he'd die, and now it's here. Goodbye, you hilarious c.unt!

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