Combo Review: Euphony PTS - Matrix X-SPDIF 2 - Keces P8

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Dec 5, 2017.
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  1. FLguy
    Good to know, thanks. You mentioned USB drives plural... I see that the PTS offers multiple USB ports for attaching USB drives - nice feature!
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  2. FLguy
    Potentially a little off topic, but somewhat related, so I decided to post the question rather than ask via PM: have you found converting/upsampling files ripped from CD to DSD128 or DSD256 to sound better using the PTS?
  3. Tom Blake
    That's nice if you already have an SSD to install it on. I think I am going to try the evaluation edition and compare to my Windows 10/Audiophile Optimizer-based server. It is important that it interface with my NAS (Drobo 5N) as current SSD options cannot handle the size of my music library. Going this route would allow me to use my exiting server build. However, it is probably overkill for Euphony. At least it would be more future proof than the i3 based prebuilt server they offer.
  4. project86 Contributor
    Yes, with Roon or the MPD functions, you can easily point to multiple locations for your library. Very handy indeed. I have mine automatically monitoring my music folder on the NAS, so I just throw any new music I get in there and it scans without any further action needed on my part.

    Roon upsampling for DSD does generally sound better to my ears. Depends on the DAC though. In some cases is makes a pretty substantial improvement while other times it might actually be worse.

    As long as your Drobo has a network path, you should be good to go. I've used Euphony with QNAP and Asus NAS devices without issue.
  5. project86 Contributor
    I've been messing with Roon a bit more over the Holidays, and the little Euphony PTS just keeps chugging along without issue. The other day I had 3 zones running for different family members:

    *Euphony PTS to Matrix X-SPDIF 2 to a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC, driving HD650 directly.

    *In another room, Modwright Oppo 205 (which has Roon endpoint capabilities now!) feeding Pass Labs HPA-1, driving Enigmacoustics Dharma

    *In yet another room, NVIDIA Shield TV connected to an Anthem processor, Merrill Audio Thor monoblocks, and Usher Mini One DMD speakers.

    People in each room had their own tablets to control music selection. No reports of any playback issues, so the Euphony setup has enough horsepower to do the job.
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  6. project86 Contributor
    Just heard from Arthur at Euphony... he now has the PTS in stock again, in both silver AND black! This is great if you have an all black system.

    I've heard questions asked lately about whether it would sound better going straight from the Euphony server to a USB DAC, or use an intermediate device like the SOtM sMS-200. I've got the sMS-200 as well as the uRendu, both with various linear power supply options. I prefer going straight from the Euphony, at least when powering it via the Keces P8. I'm not sure how it would stack up when using the stock PSU.
  7. j3294
    Other than Roon is there any other way to upsample to DSD256? I am using the free Foobar.
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  8. project86 Contributor
    Are you using Euphony? Not sure I understand how Foobar fits into this.
  9. j3294
    Not using Euphony. I prefer upsampling to DSD256 or higher and wonder how this can be done with Euphony without Roon which would be additional cost for the licence.
  10. project86 Contributor
    I think Roon is really the only way. Sorry.
  11. dcguy73
    I just ordered a new Euphony PTS with the 2 TB internal SSD option (my library is just a little over 1 TB) and a P8 power supply to go with it. I already have a Kitsune-modded Singxer SU-1, so I don't need the Matrix X-SPDIF 2.

    Before I placed the order, I had a talk with Arthur about future-proofing the device, and he said upgrading the i3 Kaby Lake to the most recent iteration would not make a noticeable difference due to the most recent Intel chips being a tiny step up from the last generation. Arthur also pointed out that a lot of music servers use an ARM CPU, which the i3 blows away in comparison. I was able to convince him to upgrade the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB (he has 8 GB installed on his personal PTS), and 8 GB of RAM will now be standard on all new Euphony PTS devices.

    I'm excited to try the Euphony PTS out! I hope it's a big step forward from my Auralic Aries Mini streamer.
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  12. project86 Contributor
    Nice! Welcome to the club, I hope you love it (I know I sure do).

    The i3 is plenty powerful as far as I'm concerned. I suppose if you used many/most of the features in Roon such as 4+ zones simultaneously with heavy EQ in one room and Audeze DSP in another room and DSD upsampling in the others, etc, it would be a problem. I consider that a pretty unusual case though. Personally I have one zone playing regularly with PCM upsampling (since the Anthem processor in that room doesn't handle DSD), plus another zone doing DSD upsampling, and the PTS handles it flawlessly.

    With both zones playing (and upsampling) Roon typically shows a "processing speed" between 3x and 4x. They don't really recommend going much lower than 3x (though I've bogged it down to 2x without any audible issues), so I guess I'm at or near my limit in this scenario. But if it's a problem I can just disable upsampling which would allow me to successfully run several more zones.

    I guess it comes down to what your use will be. If you intend to push Roon to the max, you'll probably want a high spec i7-based machine. Which of course will never be as silent as the completely fanless Euphony PTS. So it's always a tradeoff of sorts.

    For playback, will you be doing Roon, or MPD mode, or...?
  13. dcguy73
    Since I picked up the Aries Mini, I have just been using a USB-connected hard drive with Auralic's Lightning software. What is MPD mode? I have never used Roon -- is it worth the subscription price over the Euphony Audio software?

    Also, is the Euphony PTS user-serviceable if I want to add more RAM or a different SSD/hard drive later on?
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  14. project86 Contributor
    That external USB hard drive will work just fine with the Euphony system. MPD mode is straight forward playback directly from the device, without Roon or Squeezelite (aka Logitech Media Server) as intermediate software. There are various MPD control apps for tablets/phones or you can just point your web browser to the Euphony device and it will give easy to use controls, album art, etc.

    Personally I love Roon but it's something you have to try for yourself. I think they still give a 2 week trial, and you can try several of those in a row by using different emails to signup if you still can't decide. It's not for everyone, but myself and many others have fallen in love with it. Definitely worth a try for free.

    The Euphony PTS should be user serviceable. I certainly don't see why not. I've opened it up and don't see anything weird that would keep you from upgrading. Switching CPU might be a bit more tricky due to the passive cooling, and you'd have to be sure the BIOS supports your newer chip. But storage and RAM should be no trouble at all.
  15. dcguy73
    I see that there's a Euphony Remote app for Android, but nothing for iOS. So I assume the browser option is the only one?
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