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Colourful Koss Porta Pro

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  1. suicidal_orange
    For Sale
    I want a pair of Orange Porta Pros and have found somewhere that will send them to the UK, but whether they send me 1 or 20 it costs the same (£28) so I'd like to split this cost if anyone's up for it?  They have all the colours which are randomly exclusive to Scandinavia, most places wont send them out of the region so this is a rare opportunity for anyone who lives anywhere else.
    They're selling out fast elsewhere so I need to order ASAP - two interested people makes it cheap enough for me to place the order.
    Looking at about £36 a pair (+£12 if you want a mic) plus the split of the £28 shipping (dependant on interest) and whatever it costs to send them on to you - £10 insured to USA, £5 within the UK, anywhere else please ask [​IMG]
    I'm already going to loose out on this due to credit card currency exchange fees so would request paypal payments would be +3% or sent as gift please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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