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Colour scheme

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by harry501501, Apr 30, 2017.
  1. harry501501
    I'm finding the colour scheme used quite difficult to focus on and it's difficult staying on the site for long periods without getting blurry. The choice of white background and a cream (very light) skin (?) isn't the best. The last site had two colours that complimented each other and helped posts and headings etc stand out.

    Maybe I'm alone on this but are any others finding it quite dull and hard to focus on?
  2. Sanlitun
    I agree, the black text on grey is very difficult and becomes illegible after a while.
  3. Hofy
  4. flatmap
    I also have trouble reading the site for this reason. It is fatiguing for me to scan more than a page or two.
  5. Taz777
    Has anyone managed to find an alternative forum skin? I’m also finding the colour scheme on here very fatiguing, especially on my iPad.

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