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Colorfly C3, Hisoundaudio Rocoop, or Hifiman 601

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by sicaudiophile, Oct 9, 2012.
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  1. sicaudiophile
    Hi everyone,
    I am looking for a new mp3 player i have a 2nd gen ipod touch that is on its last leg and i want to get something a lot better. I want an mp3 that can run good headphone with out an amp and from what i have read these have the best sound quality and power but what one is the best?
    I listen to all rock, dub step, classical, jazz ,and blues. I have Senns hd 203, older Shure 110k, and Akg k422. Looking to get much better and want to be able to run the headphones.
    Thanks for your help in advance,
  2. KT66
    if you only listen to MP3, then a Sansa Clip+ will do the job, if you plan on using uncompressed then I would chose the 601 from your list, wonderful machine.
  3. sicaudiophile
    Yes i listen to uncompressed music and can the hifiman power beyers? i was looking at getting the dt 770 250ohm.
  4. sicaudiophile
    anyone ?
  5. gnarlsagan
    I'm not sure I would go for the 601. Here is a thread with a few graphs: http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62111

    The 601 has a high frequency roll off and digital artifacting.

    I would be skeptical of color fly as well although the C3 may be much different than the CK4 graphed here: http://sonove.angry.jp/CK4_vs_iphone4_vs_x1060.htm

    The rococo p seems to be the best bet as its frequency response is a bit more linear with only ~3dB attenuation at 30Hz as referenced in Clieos' review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/619829/review-hisound-audios-rocoo-p
  6. KT66
    Don't believe the graphs,believe YOUR ears. I prefer it to my Studio-V, especially when amped
  7. gnarlsagan

    How do you know your preferences will line up? It's fine to prefer roll off, but still beneficial to make an educated decision.
  8. Personnel Jezuz
    The cheapest! Modest sound differences between all of them IMO.
  9. noxa
    I've had the Rocoo P and the HM-601 twice, and they are completely different sounding, you'll either love the Hifiman or hate it so I really would try before you buy, where as the Rocoo P sounds like an Ipod on steroids imo. I did a blind back to back test with a few people using my Sig Pro's and it was unanimous in favour of the Rocoo P, infact no one preferred the 601 and that was with a wide spectrum of genres. One thing to say is the 601 can play considerably louder and to answer your question I ran the DT900 250ohm on the Hifiman with no problems at all.
  10. goodvibes
    RoCoo should play them as well but there's that issue of balancing gain against noise. Plenty of juice but if the phone is way inefficient, you can't always tap it.
  11. sicaudiophile
    Thank for all your comments. The problem is i have no way to try any of the players. so i have to go by graphs and reviews
  12. ticket
    As looking around, it seems there will be a few other newcomers in the portable dacs coming out soon. May worth a bit waiting.
  13. sicaudiophile
     what are the new players ?
  14. lee730
    The Hisound Nova Player should be releasing soon. Jack is having a pre-order sale. Problem is it has no micro-sd card slot so not sure if you want that. I'd say Rocco P would be a good bet.
  15. sicaudiophile
    i heard that the 601 is getting the same software as the 802 and 901 is this true and that new hisoundaudio looks nice.
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