Colored Earpads (My first post!)
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Oct 19, 2008
Hey guys,

My girlfriend mentioned that she was going to try and get some headphones for Christmas (hers broke). I'd recently been getting pretty obsessive over the thought of buying myself a pair of D1001K's and recabling them, and after recommending some KSC75's to her, it suddenly hit me that this would be a perfect outlet for my RAGING URGE to do a first recable job.

Long story made slightly shorter, I wanted to do a light color scheme, but the black earpads really kind of throw it off. I was surprised to find that the market for colored supraural cushions is nonexistent! I'd totally dig some white/gray ones, but the ONLY ones I can find are the PX100W replacement cushions. Fitting my own PX100 cushions over the KSC75, I found that they're a tad large (I'm not sure if this might be because mine are years old).

Anybody have a solution? I was wondering if you might be able to bleach the pigment out, but I'm guessing the earpads are polystyrene, which I hear is bleach resistant. What bothers me more is that there are plenty of colored earpads available for earbuds--not to mention those px100w pads are still teasing me from afar.

Viable solutions thus far:
Shrink PX100w pads
Bleach KSC75 pads
Dye KSC75 pads
Find Colored pads

Are any of these possible? Advice away!

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