Colorado Head-Fi Meet 2023 Saturday February 11th
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The Winter 2023 Head-Fi Meet is being organized by @Voxata, please see below for information provided by @Hiker816 about the meeting (this is a quote from his posts on page 16 of this thread.)

"Hey Everyone,

Our meet is coming up! @Voxata is excited to be organizing again, and I am excited to host. Here are the details:

Colorado Head-Fi Meet
Date & Time: Saturday, February 11, 2023 from 1pm-6pm
Location: 1675 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202

Note: This address is in downtown Denver--in an office tower. Many GPSs will try to direct you to 1675 South Broadway. That is not what you want. You want plain 1675 Broadway (or 1675 N Broadway if that doesn't work). Make sure you are heading into downtown.

For those with a lot of gear, I will try to arrange access to the loading bay underneath the building so you can unload gear for a few minutes, then exit to park nearby. If I can't arrange that, one of us will wait outside on the corner so you can unload there and we can wheel it up.

There are a few nearby parking garages/areas. This is a good option: Walk to the venue from this location is a couple minutes. If you are taking public transit to the meet, you can take the light rail to Union Station, then hop on the free 16th Street Mall bus and take it to the Court place stop where the building is located. Please respond to this thread if you are interested in carpooling and we can help make arrangements.

If you are planning to attend, please send a PM to me and @Voxata confirming and include any questions you may have. If you want access to the loading bay, please also provide your full name, as security will check and sign everyone in. In that PM, include your cell and I will include mine in a response. Since the building is access-controlled, we need to coordinate your arrival so I can let you in.

We're really looking forward to seeing all of you in a couple of weeks!"
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I enjoyed the last meet. Got to try lots of new gear and met plenty of chill people. End of March is ideal but April works as well if we've got a large group forming and need a full day.

I'll be bringing
Topping D70 - Gilmore Lite MKii/THX 887
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Yeah, the last meet was a lot of fun. Count me in for attending this one too!

Either March or April work, even May does if need be. The only date I'm currently not able to make in April is Saturday the 11th.

Would be bringing my heavily modified Beyer 770 Pros as well as my modded HD650s and my upgraded Elekit TU-8200DX amp. I may bring my DAC-41 as well as a source too, just not too sure if I want to haul my big rig into the library, maybe if I could use a cart it would be easier. When I say big rig, I do mean big! Might try to bring a fairly decent, but more portable source instead, we'll see.

Thanks Arteom for setting this up and getting the ball rolling!
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I am definitely in. Timewise as long as it's on a Saturday I can make it work.

I will bring my
Elac ddp-2
Trafomatic Head 2
Audeze LCD-4
Kennerton Thridi (assuming Valentin gets me my broken yokes by that time)
Klipsch hp-3

Wish I could bring my Primaluna but it is just way way way too heavy
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Thanks Art for getting this rolling! I am definitely interested in coming! I have always enjoyed the past meetups, and would be down to have a full-day meetup. I'm fine with just about any date, especially this far out. I can bring:
Senn HD650
Hifiman HE 500 (in 560 headband)

Jds Labs Atom
Bottlehead Crack (stock)
Bottlehead S.E.X. (If I can get it finished in time)
Schiit Jotunheim
Garage 1217 Project Ember

Khadas Tone Board
I can also bring my cd player if anyone is interested in bringing CDs

I'm currently thinking of selling both the jotunheim and the project ember, so if any of y'all are interested, let me know!
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Good luck on your meet. I wanted to make sure @anti-monitor saw this. He came to Nashville for my meet.
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Count me in again for now. I'll keep an eye on this thread for updates.

Will know closer, but perhaps I can bring some special stuff.
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May 2nd works for me!
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