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Color code of wiring in stock HD800 cable?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by milosz, Jan 21, 2011.
  1. milosz
    I'm chopping off the 1/4" phone plug on my Sennheiser HD800 stock cables to go balanced. I need to know the wiring scheme of this cable - which color wire is Left (+) and which LEFT(-)  etc.
    Anybody have this info?
     (I would also like to know the wire color scheme for the Denon  AHD-7000 if anyone has that.)
    [This HAS to be covered someplace here in the forums, but search as I might I could not find it.]
  2. milosz
    OK  I figured it out.  
    In case anyone else needs it:
    HD800 Cable       
    4-Pin XLR Plug    (balanced)​
    Stock TRS 1/4" Phone Plug (unbalanced)​
    RED= Right +
     Pin 3​
    WHITE=Right -
     Pin 4​
    GREEN=Left +
    Pin 1​
    WHITE= Left -
    Pin 2​
    Shield braid
    Shell ground​

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  3. littlebear
    Very useful! Thanks, I was looking for this info everywhere.
    Having successfully done this now, I think there's one thing to note for anyone else trying it - as stated by APS here, the green is actually the right channel and the red is the left, like the port and starboard sailing convention I guess [​IMG]
    Makes a nice difference running the HD800 from the balanced output of the Phoenix [​IMG]
  4. soren_brix

    Very useful, thnx a bunch!
  5. Mike37
    Thanks for the info - very useful.
  6. soren_brix
  7. guido
    I am recabling a standard HD800 cable to XLR-4 pin balanced.
    Besides the 4 thin wires [red, green and 2 whites] do I connect the 2 earth shields as well to pin 2 and 4 of the XLR Neutrik or should I leave them floating?
  8. Armaegis
    Just float them, or connect to the barrel if you want.
  9. guido
    BTW green is LEFT+ [and not right] as reported in the #3 post...just verified yesterday.
  10. hainss
    Did the color is the same for a Black Dragon or Silver Dragon??
  11. Sunnysideup
    It is 2017 and this info is still so useful. Thank you. :)
  12. mcgo
    Some notes on reterminating regular HD800 OEM cables to balanced XLR4:

    Firstly, the main reason for doing this is savings! $379 for new-in-box Sennheiser cables is too much pain! And while there are other cables that are more affordable, they all share the same problem: the special connectors on the end are not OEM.

    For this project I acquired the following parts:

    Regular (Single-ended) Original OEM HD800 cable (used, head-fi marketplace)
    Neutrik NC4MXX-B (amzn, B002A4GJ8Q)
    3% Silver Solder (amzn, B007KN0FD2)
    Assorted Heat Shrink Tubing (amzn, B00YIKEZI6)

    Other items used:

    30W soldering iron
    helping hands
    regular single-edged razor blade
    small office binder clip
    multimeter for continuity checking

    Cable: I kept the bulk of the cable inside a Ziplock bag with only the end I was working on extruding from the bag. This kept the cable clean and looking smart at the end of the project!

    Heatshrink: I found that 6mm tubing fits great on the braided cable. I also used a smaller piece of tubing to cover the shield wire. A hairdryer on high was used to shrink the tubing.

    Enamel Coating: I've had run-ins with enamel in the past so I wasn't looking forward to it. Luckily the Sennheiser wires are enameled plus plastic insulated. After removing the major insulation with a blade, I clamped the small wires with an office binder clip. Then I used matches to burn off the exposed ends. This dealt with both the thin outer plastic insulation and enamel. I checked that the enamel was gone with a multimeter.

    There are some fine threads mixed in with the Litz wire. I was able to carefully trim most of them.

    Pin outs: Using the old plug and multimeter, I verified the wiring on my cable. I confirmed the wiring is as initially described in this thread (post #2, gridded chart).

    1: L+ Green
    2: L- White
    3: R+ Red
    4: R- White

    The white wires are bundled with their respective color, so determining which white goes where is not an issue.

    Once the wire was prepped, soldering and assembly was easy! Tape end braid and shield wires, add the Neutrik "boot", and finally 6mm heatshrink. Tin and shorten wires to proper length (18mm total, 4mm exposed). Affix plug to helping hands, fill buckets on plug with solder. Line up wire, heat bucket and shove into molten solder. Do this four times, ensuring proper wire order with pins. The pins are numbered on the back of the plug so you can't go wrong!

    Join shield wires together. Put heatshrink on shield wire, feed end through shield hole, trim and solder.

    Check for shorts with multimeter. Remove remaining braid tape, slide 6mm heatshrink towards connector. Heat with hairdryer. Close up connector. Do a final multimeter check. Enjoy your new balanced cable!





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