Cod mw good headphones help
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New Head-Fier
Nov 20, 2019
I was on these forums a good few years ago and got brilliant helpful advise
Atm i have a turtle beach dss but i just bought astro mixamp pr tr 2017 on its own
Ive bought 2 headphones in the past recomended by users here
1st ws razor carcharias now broken
2nd superlux hd somthing these are great i am still using these four or five years after users recomended them
I am from england
I would love it if you could recomended headphones to go with my new mixamp pro
I love a pair that great for footsteps and postioning enemies footsteps
i only want wired
Its for console ps4 and i only want them to hear footsteps in call of duty modern warfare 2019
Also my budget is about 100 pound
Also could anybody recomend some good presets to hear footsteps in cod mw
Atm i dont have any decent presets yet
Also does any one know what frequency footsteps are in call of duty modern warfare 2019
As i am new to mixamp i bought it last week im still experimenting with the eq comand centre
All advise welcome
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