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CNC program for wooden Grado sr80i ear cups?

  1. LegitBallin
    I have access to a CNC machine and would love to make some wooden ear cups for my Grado sr80is im wondering if anyone here has a CNC program so i can make these wood cups, it would greatly be appreciated.
  2. Pingupenguins
    Why don't you program it yourself? It's pretty easy to do. I would if I still have access to a CNC.
    I couldn't imagine a Cnc without software. So you have access the the program. You just need the tool path.
    And FYI, there are a lot of CNC machines out there and a lot of software. You could give DIY'ers more info on what software your using.
  3. LegitBallin
    i dont know how to use a CNC i have access to one but i don't know how to use or program for one
  4. Pingupenguins
    Then you don't need to use it. You can just buy a plank of wood and get some hole saws. Not every cup needs to be 100% perfection.
  5. LegitBallin
    thanks man that helps a lot
  6. taiden
     What interpreter is the CNC machine using? And is this a CNC router or a CNC mill?
    How much free time do you have on it?
    What tooling do you have access to? end mill? diameter? ball end mill? keyway cutter?
    You can see this video on my toolpath that should give you ideas of how to approach this situation.

  7. Grant625
    gotta love the cutting speed through wood!
    wish i had my own machining center! one day....

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