CMoy schem vs. BOM issues
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Dec 14, 2008
I'm playing around in Eagle, making a CMoy layout I may or may not build (but that's beside the point) and looking at the schematic on Tangent's site, D1 is a 1N5822 rectifier (also, CANNOT find a part library for that part, anyone know of one?) but in the bill of materials, D1 is the power indicator LED, and on the schematic, there is a completely separate diode symbol for the LED and accompanying resistor....

Anyone know if the rectifier is supposed to be there or if it's just a typo on the BOM? Anyone have a copy of their own schematic for comparison?
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Ok, found the problem....
you are correct, there isn't one because the schematic I was looking at had "experimental" in the schem title so maybe it was a throw out that got buried and somehow I saved it a while back? Who knows.... anyways, it's ok now.

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A 1N5822 is a DO-201AD package Shottky diode. Its purpose on the schematic you saw is as a crowbar diode. It is wired in backwards to normal conduction, and is there to protect the amp from the battery or power being applied in the wrong polarity. Tangent uses these in the Pimeta, probably in the PPA, etc.

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