cmoy balance issue, voltages change on load
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 24, 2008
built my first cmoy today...

plugged it in and.. I am experiencing almost no volume on the Left.

I checked the voltages and V- is -2V and V+ is 6V

you guys have any idea whats wrong with it?

the impedance of the ear buds seem to be 30ohms

The only thing I see wrong (maybe) is that I have a solder bridge between the first and second rows. The rows are jumpered.. so I ignored it and figured it'd be fine.. but maybe I'm wrong?
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Ok, so, I replaced the opamp with an OPA2132.. and now it works fine

the voltage changing is still there (and even worse now) but it sounds fine.

now, why is it that the TS922 that was in there didn't function correctly?

I had it in there for testing.. because I got it for free and I have two of them

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