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Closed. two Bluejeans LC-1 RCA cables and massively important poll



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  1. Allanmarcus
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    I have one 3' cable and one 2' cable. If my math is correct, this come out to one pair, perfect for stereo RCA connection needs. My calculations have also determined that these two cables are not the same length. I had other verify this, so it's true.

    A pair of 2' cables would cost 32.50 from Bluejeans. With the pair I'm selling, you an an extra foot of cable! On average each cable is 2.5', but that just shows how math can be used for evil.

    I can determinate one of the cables to 2' using a Canare F-10 RCA plug if the mismatch in length offends the sensibilities too much.

    At this point in the narrative you might be thinking, "why am I here?" You might also be thinking, "what's the price?" Well, I'm thinking $12.50 for the pair, plus shipping (assuming paypal gift). An F-10 plug costs $4.29 new, but I will let it go for $4, and include the soldering for free (unless you would like to solder it yourself).

    So, where are we now in the story?

    $12.50 + shipping for the pair
    Optional $4 for the F-10 plug
    Free re-termination, if desired.

    Shipping can be whatever you want, but USPS first class is the cheapest. Priority mail is $7.15 (I think).

    Here are some pictures. The first simply proves the existence of the cables. The second is some old man (he's 15) examining the cables to make sure they aren't food.


    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  2. DaiLoDong
    How much for the dog?
    cardeli22 likes this.
  3. Allanmarcus
    I'll give you $100 to take him off my hands!

    Disclaimer, at 15 he ain't cheap. lots of trips to the vet :frowning2: - but we love him.
    DaiLoDong and Zachik like this.
  4. uncola
    I’m interested in the furry cable but how do I plug it in?
  5. Allanmarcus
    You don't want that one. It's very noisy!

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