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[CLOSED] SP1000M -> WM1Z (or an LDAC receive mode DAC)

Trader History (5)
  1. DarginMahkum
    For Trade
    Ship to:
    • Europe
    I recently bought my SP1000M, as soon as it is out and very happy with the sound quality, size, weight, being able to load external applications etc, but what would like to have is bluetooth receive mode. That is why I am considering trading my SP1000M for a WM1Z.

    It is bought in Germany, from a German dealer and still has nearly 2 years warranty.

    If you are interested in trading your WM1Z, or any other portable device that has bluetooth receive mode with LDAC and aptX-HD support, let me know.

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  2. bvng3540
    Man would love to trade with you, too bad you in Europe and I’m in the State, good luck with your search:ksc75smile:
    DarginMahkum likes this.
  3. DarginMahkum
    eBay link added.
  4. quodjo105
    You got a pm
  5. DarginMahkum
    Still available.
  6. DarginMahkum
    Removed from eBay because of the stupid offers I keep receiving.
  7. DarginMahkum
    Closed. I decided to keep it and buy an extra device. SP1000M is too good to lose.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
    szore likes this.
  8. beaux
    Good choice. I own both sp1000 and wm1z. You would regret if you went for a wm1z.
    DarginMahkum and szore like this.
  9. szore
    Butting in: I just purchased my sp1000M tonight at Audio46 (great people there), but it's on back order! I have to wait a week. Oh, dear... I can't wait! They price matched it to $2039.00, and I am so grateful to them for that!
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
    DarginMahkum likes this.
  10. szore
    Giving up the best DAP.....over bluetooth???
    DarginMahkum likes this.

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