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Closed portable headphones for EDM under $400 USD

  1. mysterioustranger
    The highs and mids seem to be more noticeable/louder than the bass but it's not too unbalanced or anything.
  2. mysterioustranger

    That's good to know! Thank you . Do you have any portable amp recommendations for nowadays under $100 maybe?
  3. harry501501
    I would agree on the Meze Classic 99s for the music you listen to. I enjoy the Soundmagic HP100/150 when in the mood for that type of genre. Big juice bass and suits many genres other than bass driven.

    The Sony 100AAP at that price is decent but I don't think they have the low end that would satisfy you. It's a fairly light, unoffensive signature. It was one of my first jumps in to more expensive headphones but they were easily forgotten.

    For an on ear headphone the Sennhieser HD25ii are great for your music
  4. buke9
    Yes the Meze 99 Classics do do well with edm and a lot else for that matter and take to eq very well also I have a curve setup on my dap just for them that puts them closer to neutral and it’s like a different headphone. And as the above poster said the Soundmagic HP150 is also very good for the price.

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