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Closed portable headphones for EDM under $400 USD

  1. mysterioustranger
    Hello !

    I've been browsing this forum a lot and it has many great recommendations for electronic music but they're either out of my budget range or use type or they're not listed any longer by the manufacturer.

    If you were looking for closed headphones in an office setting use for 300 USD or so for electronic music like jungle, dubstep, house , which would you choose ? Without being able to test headphones , I'm overwhelmed by how many choices there are and would be guessing randomly.

  2. pbui44
    Check out this Sony MDR-100AAP that is slightly used for a super-great price here:


    Here is a nice red hard-shell case to go with it:


    Throw in some KZ ZS3 to make it $25+ Amazon total for free shipping and when you really need the sound isolation:


    If you need a music player to free up battery on your iPhone for more important tasks/things, the Nintaus X10 looks to work for up to 60 hours on 30/100 volume, according to a review here. You can get it here:


    And if you buy from Penon Audio, don’t forget to add a free 5-yr-anniv. gift from them, I suggest getting the earphone case for the KZ ZS3:


    After you get used to the MDR-100AAP or KZ ZS3 (no judging), then you will know what you will really want with a sub-$400 budget later.
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  3. mysterioustranger
    Thank you very much for the thoughtful advice and recommendations! I appreciate this very much.
  4. onevstheworld
    Consider the Meze 99 Neo.
  5. serman005
    You might also consider a 99 Classics.
  6. mysterioustranger
    Thank you both very much! I'll read more into these. Some reviews are saying they changed the earpad design which negatively affected the sound quality. The classics have better reviews so far
  7. mysterioustranger
    Thanks again for the good advice. The meze 99 classics might be the best for edm in my price range so far?
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
  9. serman005
    Best is always an individual sorta thing. It is very good. And quite beautiful as well. If you have not read about them, you should see what other people are saying about them (maybe you have already done that?).
  10. Malfunkt
    Easy. On the fringe of portability the rugged HD630VB with variable bass. Hits very low with plenty of punch all the while keeping high end detail that rivals some of Sennheiser’s higher priced offerings.

    Would have to get used to get it for less than the price you are looking at.

    The previously mentioned Sony 100AAP is a nice general purpose headphone. It doesn’t hit low enough in the sub bass however but would still be enjoyable overall.

    If you can check out the Sony MDR-950B1 in-store this is fairly popular store bought headphone. It is heavily tilted towards bass but the later B1 and N1 model give you an app where you can adjust it default bass setting and it’s bass boost mode. A fun wireless headphone for bass genres. The older wired 950AP version is the best sounding but has a fixed bass frequency curve (hence why I like the 630VB which is on another level of quality).

    The WS99 and Meze looks good.

    Used Denon AH-D600 is also great for the genres you listed.

    Check out this thread https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the-hardest-hitting-headphones-are-the-extreme-bass-club.716711/

    That thread primarily focuses on cans that really can push heavy levels of bass. That said the 630VB while not making the list for sheer bass volume is a personal favourite of the person who started the thread. They are more a reference tuned basshead phone with higher quality of sound, not just quantity which you can dial in if you want.
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
  11. buke9
    Meze 99 Classics are a bit bass heavy and would go with what you’re looking for and are fairly easy to drive. They do a bit better with a amp though not necessarily the case in al situations.
  12. mysterioustranger
    Thank you again everyone! I ended up trying out denon ah-d600. They sound very nice but the bass wasn't what I was expecting . I'm thinking these are underpowered and needs an amp although they were advertised as being able to run on ipods ?
  13. mysterioustranger
    they definitely can get very loud and the frequencies can my make my ears shudder/quiver or whatever it's called when I suddenly stop/start the music .. so will have to be careful about that ;P
  14. Mhog55
    Are the Denon ah-d600 pretty bright in the treble? I've been eyeballing these as well, but reading the reviews on here, there were a few mentions of sibilance.
    If you want another suggestion should you pick up another set of cans, have a look at the 1 more triple driver over ear. I also have the Meze 99 Neo, and it definitely packs some low end. Probably more so than the Denons
  15. Malfunkt
    When I had an AH-D600, I had great results using a bass boost out of JDS Labs C5D. Was pretty awesome. Kinda wish I still had that setup. I think overall I prefer my HD630VB, but in other ways the D600 was a more laid back listen and comfortable too.

    Like other biocell drivers (ie. D2000, D5000, TH600, Th900) even though the headphone is easy to drive, it has very good power handling and can be boosted.

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