[CLOSED] iems. How to choose the brand and the model? Share your experience and advices plz
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Section 1:

Basic problem is how to choose custom IEMs.
1) There are so many brands: 1964, JH, Ultimate Ears, Noble, Unique Melody,  Lear Audio, Westone and so on... 
2) There are at least few models in each brand offered. So how to orient among them?
3) What types of brands which make custom IEMs is actually available for listening in audio shops?

Section 2:
A little bit of my background which probably help to reduce the scale of advice.
Part A: Currently I own LCD-3 and Sony XBA-Z5 -> Colorfly C4 pro. (M'I about dark sound lover?) Recently (for the last year) I have start to feel dissatisfaction with the music due to the lack of the clarity.
All sounds seem so mixed - separation of instruments does not much expectations anymore.
Part B: I have heard and think, in order to build audio system you need to start from headphones. As I decided to renew the whole audio equipment I decided to double check the headphones which supposed to suit my taste and expectations.  
Part C: I have experienced so far: ie800, Westone w40 (or some 50th), Grado 8 (or 10) and of course Sony XBA-Z5 by which I was charmed from 1st listening.
Very amatuar in experience IEMs. 
Part D: musical genres: vocals, spiritual, instrumental, harp, classic and sometimes I just would like to hear "meat": rap,rock,synthpop. (I guess, I'm looking for universal customs) 
Part E: I'm looking for the sound quality, so I consider any types and any possibility.

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t8ie mkII is my dream which I enjoy a lot. Though, recently I have quit iem and full-size form factor and switched to the earbuds!

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