Closed headphones for under $80..ultrasone HFI 450, others?
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Aug 13, 2010
Guys im about to pull the trigger on the 450's. Any advice? are there better options in my price range? i like rock music, dubstep and my source will be mainly a notebook. 
Edit: they will be my secondary set of headphones. 
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Koss Pro DJ100 maybe?  I don't know how they compare to the Ultrasones, but they've been great for me as my work headphone.  They have adequate bass, but their strength lies more in the mids.  Not sure how that would work for dubstep, but they sound great for rock.
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Just an Asus Xonar U3 usb card (basically a Xonar DG stuffed into a usb stick).  Cost me about $40.  It really doesn't have much of an amp - I mostly got it to cut down the internal noise I was hearing from my laptop.
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There's the sony xb700, the shur srh240, srh 440 (pricing fluctuates), HD280 pro, HD428, HD438 (again with the fluctuating prices).
I don't know much about them, just naming the ones that fit the closed, under 80usd criteria.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried the shures but they dont satisfy my bass needs lol. Probably the 840's amped, but thats out of my price range at this moment. I would like something more portable than the XB series you know? 

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At this point, I'm not sure what to say aside from choosing the Koss DJ100, getting the shures and EQing the hell out of them, or simply waiting and broadening your price range.
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Sony V6

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