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Nov 18, 2012
Read multiple threads and posts, found it incredibly helpful here and wondering if you guys can help.
After breaking my SoundMagic E10s and my great Panasonic HTF600s, I have been searching for a pair of IEMs under £80 expecting a well-built pair of headphones that would produce a similar sound presence to my Panasonic over-ears. Unfortunately, I have a feeling this will be nigh-on impossible with my budget.
This has led me on to a search for another pair of over ear headphones, but something more mobile and smaller than my Panasonics were.
I used to have a pair of Studio Beats which were stolen but I had the last laugh considering they were a nothing compared to the quality of the Panasonics.  The good thing about the Beats, however, was the 'tightness' on my head, unlike the Pans., which I really enjoyed, as well as the powerful bass (shame it dominated the treble and high). 
Could anyone recommend me a pair of comfy, well built headphones under £100 that are reasonably easy to walk and travel with? Or even a really good quality pair of IEMs that stand out comfort-wise.
I'm sure a similar question has been asked millions of times but I'd like to emphasise the comfort and travelability (yes, I made that up) of the headphones.
Thanks in advance.

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