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Jul 28, 2004
Currently my only set of fullsize cans are A900s, which I love. They are quite large though, and I'm looking for something a bit smaller when I'm either not in the mood to use my E5s, or I'm on like a flight or something.

Obviously there are the HD-25s, seem to be the most popular "portable" full-size cans. My only requirement really is that they're closed, opens cans won't work for me in the environment I live in (onboard a ship, loud as hell as it is for sound coming in, plus sound leaking interupts others.

Looking at the AKG K271S, from what I've read in terms of sound-quality it is a step up from the HD25, but I have read almost a 50/50 split in terms of which has "better/more bass". I'm a primarly rock/trance listener (System of a Down, Tool, NIN, Darude, BT, etc) with a small amount of FOTM rap for when I want to get my groove on.


What else is there beyond that? I was looking at Beyerdynamic 880s as they look cool as hell and supposably have sound to go with them (but obviously they're a bit on the large side), and they are "semi-open" which could be a bad thing in my case. I have a SR71 incoming, so amping should be not a problem (also looking into getting that larocco pocket reference in the FS forum to do some A/Bing see which I'd rather keep).

So.. with my liking of the AT sound (A900s) & Shure sound (E5s), what do you guys think a good partner would be to finish off my "full-size", "portable" & "semi-portable" can collection? Thanks!

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