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Closed HD650?

  1. ootrom
    I have questions for you. Do the HD6xx sound the same as the HD650?

    Are there any closed headphones in the $350 or less price range that would sound as good as the HD650? I'd really like a big sound stage, and flat tonality, as in actually flat all the way down to the sub bass. Not that er4 type "flat" where there is no bass. I also need them to be exceptionally detailed and controlled sounding for the some of the music I listen to, otherwise the sound turns into static mud. Inner Universe from the Stand Alone Complex OST would be a good example of what I need to be... well resolved... I guess that's how I'll put it.

    Also, pads similar to the Audeze pads or the Dekoni Blue pads would be preferred. They need to be deep.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    For closed headphones, check out the Soundmagic HP150/HP151.
  3. Oscar-HiFi
    Meze 99 Classics might be to your tastes.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    According to those that have both, yes. Specs are all the same unlike the lower impedance of the HD58X vs teh HD580J/HD600.

    Not that I know of.

    HD650 doesn't exactly have a really big soundstage, and you're looking to pay less for a closed back version with bigger soundstage? That's gonna be a tall order.

    ER4 actually has bass that is "flatter all the way down" to 20hz with about the same level as the HD650 at that frequency. The difference is how much stronger the HD650 is between 25hz and 250hz is vs the ER4, and that the HD650 is weaker at 1000hz to 10000hz vs the ER4 (ie ER4S has really bad auditory masking). What you're looking for isn't flat but a wide range of bass that is accentuated (rather than tall and narrow upper bass peaks or a huge mountain range as in the DT770).


    HD650 has just enough boost to a wide range of the bass frequencies to compensate for ambient noise. What has a tendency to get muddy is if you have a wide and strong boost, like with the DT770, so at the very least even with nothing close to the HD650 don't swing towards the DT770 unless you'll apply a low shelf EQ.
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  5. Rhamnetin
    As ProtogeManiac indicated, the HD 650 does not have a large sound stage and it is not flat down to the sub bass at all.

    I believe the ZMF Classic and Argon MK3 are mostly closed back? Not sure how well they isolate but they probably have the sound you desire. Sound stage is of course limited however, you have to decide between a closed headphone and a large sound stage.
  6. ootrom
    Do you know if the Argon MK3 has overwhelming bass like the Dekoni Blue has?
  7. Rhamnetin
    I will know for sure in a few weeks hopefully, but I have never heard a Fostex T50RP variant with bass that overpowers the mids. I suppose it is possible though (probably really easy to do even).
  8. ootrom
    Oh, yes. It is possible. Freaking earthquake bass. I mean, you know how when you use something like an er4 and you start hearing high end detail you never noticed before? The Dekoni's do that same thing except for everything below 100hz.

    Like with this video.
    The bass bumps are very noticeable throughout one the Dekoni Blue.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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