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Closed HD598s? General help, please.

  1. BaconBaller
    So I normally just go to school with my Sennheiser HD439s, but recently the got crushed by a 300lb man on a bus ride (kinda my fault) and I was wondering what headphones I should get. My budget it is the $100-$200 range. I really like the look and reviews of the sennheiser HD598s and I was very satisfied with sennheisers quality on the 439s, but I wanted to move up. I don't have an amp, so a suggestion for that would be great, too. I'm either listening to music (Ska, Hardcore Dubstep, Classic Rock...) in the library or on a bus, and I hate disturbing others, so could I make HD598s into closed headphones? I was also looking at some Vmoda LPs and audio-technica stuff, but I'd prefer Sennheiser. Thanks!
  2. Trunks159
    Id recommend:
    ATH WS99
    AKG K550
  3. BaconBaller
    Have you tried the UE6000s? Or the UE9000? I'm going to have to side with the UE9000 because the whole wireless thing can come in very handy for me, and I prefer the look of it. Plus it's in my budget, thanks.
  4. Trunks159
    K Have tried the UE6000.

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