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[CLOSED] FiiO E09K + E07K

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  1. BillsonChang007
    For Sale or Trade

    I'm selling my FiiO E09K and FiiO E07K to fund for a portable amplifier / tube amplifier. I am the 2nd hand user. Both are of perfect condition and comes with everything. The FiiO E07K is using it's last screen protector that it came with and there are some scratches on the screen protector but other than that, they are of perfect condition. Comes with box and accessories. Both are like new condition.

    Uses these two to drive my Annie. The E07K to drive my H6. Just wish to try something else. Shipping from Brunei Darussalam. Buyer pay paypal charges, shipping, custom tax (if any). PM me if interested. Picture of it will be sent via PM. PM with best price offer (no low baller). Trades are very much welcomed and I am interested in portable amplifier / tube amplifier.

    PS: if you are really interested with my Annie, offer me with some trades, I may consider it. It's of perfect condition. Would prefer something WARM. I have the H6 that sound nearly similar with the Annie being slightly better already xD

    UPDATE: TRADED to the username pbui44. Shipping to him very soon. Thank you for your interest :)

    UPDATE2: Trade canceled, trader wish to keep his rig instead wish to keep mine until July and sell for CASH for tube amplifier

    Best regards
Thread Status:
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