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Closed/circumaural/musical/bass emphasis Headphone Recommendation

  1. hifinoob005

    I have been out of the audio game for a while now and am not up to date.

    Looking for a pair of headphones mostly for movies, must have the following:
    Good bass.
    Musical sound.
    Closed, passive attenuation would be a plus.

    I already have the Sennheiser HD380 Pro, but they sound flat. I also have the Panasonic HTF-600, which sound great, but are semi open. If I cover the outlet they sound too muffled.
    Have previousley owned Ultrasonne 550, no midrange. Had a Grado SR 60, low bass and open.
    Also owned a few other Sennheiser, HD215, HD650, too mellow (or flat depending on the model). Have not tried the HD 25 though, but those are supraaural.

    I tested a few models in a store:
    NAD HP 70-low bass
    ATH-M50x - ok bass, but the headset sounds bad, garbled.
    Meze Classics 99- low bass. Musical sounding. Despite what some reviews claim, these did not sound fun/dynamic, sounded kind of tame/lame.
    The cups are also too shallow. Could a different set of pads modify the sound signature to something I would like?

    I guess I would like a more bass accentuated headphone. A closed back version of the Panasonic HFT 600 would be great.
    What are my other options? What if I increased my budget?
    I woldn't mind an wireless model as long as it has a cable connection as well.

    Output is HTPC with Xonar DGX.
  2. hifinoob005
    What pads could I try to increase the bass for the Meze?

    A few years back the M Audio Q 40 was recommended as an upgrade to the HFT600's, with a similar signature.
    I can see they both have a upped lower frequency, a bump around 2k and 10k.

    I will try to get a hold of some of these ones, but I don't think I will find all of them in store for testing. Which ones are more musical as opposed to netural?

    Sennheiser HD 4.50
    m-audio hdh50
    Focal Listen
    Sennheiser RS
    sennheiser pxc 480
    ULTRASONE Performance series.
  3. koover
    Honestly from what you are saying about the Meze 99 classics, that doesn’t make too much sense. These are by no means bass light by any stretch of the imagination. Many owners say they have more then enough bass especially in the mid bass and some say they border on basshead cans. Personally they’re not basshead cans to me by they most definitely lean towards bass accentuated.

    I’m not saying that isn’t what you heard, but it almost sounds like you listened to a defective set. I’ve listened to the classics with 3 of Meze’s pads and each one emphasized the bass progressively from 1st to last. Meze’s latest pad has the most bass of them all.

    I’m still using the original pads when they were first introduced and they have a whole lot of bass. I consider myself a closet basshead too.
  4. JamesCanada
  5. hifinoob005
    @koover not lacking in bass, but not what I was expecting. The bass did not have kick, was not punchy/meaty at all (at the amount the headset was putting it out), sounded hollow. The entire can seemed recessed, not fun/dynamic. It was a audio store, connected to a Fiio x7 i think.
    Did not listen to the 99 Neo's though.
    If I were to go back and experiment some more, what pads would at least keep the bass level and be large enough so my ears don't touch the driver wall should I look for?

    I want to stick under $300, but might go higher if I don't find anything satisfactory.
    Was looking at an Audioengine D1 or an Xonar STX, right now it's an Xonar DGX.

    After looking around I would also like to listen to the Sennheiser RS 175 and MOMENTUM 2, maybe they are a bit more lively.I want a headset for movie/tv viewing, that can handle whatever soundtrack/sound effects there are.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Soundmagic HP151 headphones :)
    Mine just arrived yesterday.
  7. Mhog55
    Try to find a Q40. Mine are here to stay!
  8. Mhog55
    I concur. I find them full of energy and dynamite, and the bass is definitely above neutral. I'm also using the original pads. Perhaps the OP listened to a pair with the new pads?
  9. hifinoob005
    How would you compare them to the Q40, especially in terms of overall dynamic?

    I don't know what generation the pads were, they just had them out for testing. The most generous way I could describe them is laid back/smooth.
    So what pads can I get that would enlarge the enclosure?
  10. hifinoob005
    Aren't these more analytical?

    According to this post, it would be a downgrade to go to the HP151 from the 380 Pro's.

    I spent some time looking at upgrades to the 380 Pro's and I don't think there are any (under $500).I also have somewhat large ears.
    A lot of them are neutral (tonally) or similar to the Sennheisers. The Audeze Mobius are too expensive for what they offer (?).

    What about .music cans as an upgrade to the HTF 600?
    Semi open at best.
    I was recommended the Fostex TR-X00. Anything else? V Moda M100?
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2019
  11. serman005
    B&W P7
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  12. DecentLevi
    If you're looking for the best closed backs ever I'd recommend the Mr. Speakers Ether C closed, but they're one of the most expensive ever. For the best closed cans under $500 I'd still go with the Senn. HD-380 Pro which to me beat all others I've tried such as SoundMagic HP-150, old Sony MDR-Vxx studio line, many from Beyerdynamic, and to me also better than Fostex TR-X00 (Purpleheart) which I also tried which to me are too hyper-extended and exaggerated on both ends of the spectrum.

    If you're willing to try an open-back 'can in this price range I would wholeheartedly recommend the Senn. HD-579. Though with a lower model number than, say HD-600 it's a new edition to the Sennheiser HD line with a 'remastered' sound and in my testing with various systems it to me shot FAR above and beyond its' meager $188 pricepoint with a vivid, front-row sound with great 'energy' and soundstage with fantastic and robust bass definition and great mids!!
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  13. Mhog55
    I had an opportunity to demo the Audioquest Nightowl carbon yesterday, and fell in love. Bass emphasis, probably not, but still somewhat elevated and damn good. The separation was splendid.
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  14. hifinoob005
    B&W P7 looks like the signature I would like, but the pads are small: 34mmx57x19 (width x height x depth).
    I need 46mmx58x28 (minimum 22mm) for my ears. I do want to get them for music, but it would be nice to be comfortable as well.

    Audioquest Nightowl require a good amp? Was planning on getting the headset first, then depending of what I got I would look for an amp. As long as the impedance is not too high the Audioengine D1 was my choice. Not sure if this is good enough for this set.

    Every time I put on my Panasonics I'm distracted by environment sounds so closed is 1st choice.

    What about the
    B&O H4,
    NAD HP 70 and
  15. DecentLevi
    Of the above, I'd definitely recon the B&O H4 as best. the NAD sounded too mid centric and the ATH sounded too bright, IMO. What I really recommend is going to a head-fi meet or a hi-fi audio store and try what you like. Head-Fi local meets and larger Can Jam's

    Actually I think I have the perfect match for you; a modded Beyerdynamic T1 in the T5 body but it's not on the market yet. Impactful dynamics, impeccable clarity, robust neutral extended sweet tonality. You can however contact my friend the local California headphone modding guru Lyova: @Packdemon or click here to PM him. He's the one who created it and both myself and the Head-Fi owner Jude were 2 of the lucky ones to try it and us both can wholeheartedly vouch for it's prowess!
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