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closed cans confusion!!!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by shlok1993, Dec 31, 2011.
  1. shlok1993
    Hi I am new to the headfi community, I am looking for a pair of closed cans for outdoor as well as indoor use, I listen to pop,rock, hip-hop, electronic etc, and I am not an audiophile. I am considering ath m50, hd 280 pro, and akg k518dj. I can't extend my budget, please help.
    Ps: I like slightly bassy cans, not boomy but tight, I own sr 80i, hd 558, xb 700 and ksc75. thanks in advance ^_^
  2. Liplip


    Of these 3 headphones, I will choose the M50. Good bass and isolation not too overpowering on the mids and most important not too expensive. [​IMG]
  3. shlok1993
    Thanks for the suggestion. Are there any other cans better than the m50 at the same price point??
  4. shlok1993
    I read on this forum that the shure srh 440 is also a nice pair.......is it better Ty Han the m50???? I am getting these for about 100 usd and m50 for 150usd in India.......please reply
  5. john53
    Never had the chance to test the M50.
    I didn't like the sound of the sennheiser hd280pro,personally.
    I own the shure srh 840 and I've heard the 440 once,and both are very good even out of portable players without amp,but my recommendation goes to the KRK KNS 6400.I found it a bit more comfortable,and it's a very nice sounding headphone for the price.Good all-around headphone with balanced but enjoyable sound signature,and it's refined enough,with good timpre and soundstage imaging.Very nice for the money.It can be driven from an ipod nicely,and you can also replace pads,cable etc if you need to.
    I own sennheiser hd600,shure SRH 840,ksc 75,portapro,and my next purchase will probably be the KNS 6400,because I think it's a good quality product,comfortable,perfoming nicely,without costing too much.
  6. Sllow
    How about Sony MDR 7506? 
    These have prononced subbass (unlike other cans, which have only midbass and upperbass) with overall neutral tonal balance. They're legendary, light, foldable, unexpensive, durable. If you go for them, i suggest buying from authorized dealers ONLY, due to many chinese cheap clones everywhere, which look almost identical, but have much worse sound. 
  7. shlok1993
    I found mdr v6 on the net, for 140 usd, but not the e'er 7506 :frowning2:
    and also the kns 6400, for 145 usd
    so, are these better overall when compared to the m50????
    ps: what bout the k181dj??? I can get those for around 165 usd
  8. shlok1993
    I found the mdr 7506 as well, so now I want to know which is the best vfm among these
    Mdr 7506 for 150usd
    M50 for 140 usd
    Kns 6400 for 140 usd
    K181dj for 170 usd
    Please reply
  9. Sllow
    MDR v6 = MDR 7506 (same drivers and everything, only change is v6 have "DIGITAL" badge, when 7506 have "PROFESSIONAL", lol [​IMG]). 
    I think it's much better than M50.
  10. john53


    Is the 7506 similar or the same sounding as the 7509hd? Because the 7509hd didn't sound that good to my ears.Although it wasn't bad,it didn't have very good timbre/natural sound.
    Between SONY 7509HD and KRK KNS 6400,the KRK is better at least for me.But if the 7506 is different sounding,then I can't answer that.
    For the m50's,again,sorry,I can't help because i've never heard them,but people always recommend them here.
  11. shlok1993
    Hmmm it's a tall order now
  12. Sllow

    From the Frequency Response graphs i found on the net, i can say 7509hd is totally awful. Absolutely no subbass, sibilant highs... just awful. 
    MDR 7506 is whole different story. They're nearly flat, but with subbass emphasis. 
    Even Barack Obama likes 'em:
  13. Mike F


    And how did the 7509HD sound to you in comparison to the 7506? I have both and can tell you which sounds far superior, and it aint the 7506..............

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