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Closed back with good comfort?

  1. Saeglopur
    I just got some Sennheiser HD598CS (closed backs) and I love them sound wise, and how much they isolate my room noise. They are however extremely uncomfortable because of the way the weight is only on the very top of your skull. After an hour or so it ends up just being painful on the one spot they rest.
    I have AKG K 240 MKII and they are by far the most comfortable headphones I've ever had but they don't offer enough isolation since i have a window fan running in the summer. So I'm curious what has similar fit/clamp to the senns but use preferably the "floating" headband like the akgs?

    I've tried messing with some unused earpads and placing them under the band to distribute the weight a bit but I'll have to come back tomorrow because I've got a headache from them at this point.

    If anyone is particularly skilled I'd kill to have senn 598s with the akg headband hahah
  2. serman005
    My M40x are very comfortable. They don't have an AKG headband, but they are quite pleasant on my head. Maybe check them out and see what you think. They might work for you.

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