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Closed back over ear headphones similar in size to Grados?

  1. smeghead
    I recently got a pair of AT M40x intended for use in the office, but they're kinda a little bigger than I imagined, and while I can appreciate the flat signature at home plugged in my DAC, most of the time at work it'll be plugged into my phone, and I'd prefer to have a more v-shaped sound signature to get me through the drudge of work (I listen to a lot of guitar heavy punk/rock/new wave).

    With that being said, are there any half decent closed back, over ear headphones that are similar in size to say Grado headphones?

    The budget should also be similar to the M40x, so around £80 ($110).
  2. Mhog55
    Thinksound On2 are 130 ish on Amazon, but they aren't exactly V shaped. That being said, they sound killer, definitely the best closed on ear I've ever heard - by a wide margin. For punk and rock, you simply can't beat the Sennheiser HD 25 for a closed on ear. Guitars, vocals and kick drums are dynamite. Good imaging, but rather closed in sounding, which I personally feel accommodates rock quite well. You could likely find a pair on ebay for your price. I don't know what you're driving them with, but they do require a little extra power to shine.
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  3. serman005
    I agree with the On2 remarks. I think you would be happy with them.

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