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Closed Back Headphones Recommendation Help

  1. infinitum4

    I'd like a recommendation on closed back headphones. I'm currently using an IEM, particularly the FLC8S, but I find that my ear wax is building up too much while using IEMs, therefore I'm looking for closed back headphones, primarily for office work.

    Comfort is a big priority for me, as I'll be using these for hours on end. I have a relatively small head, so the weight must be reasonable. I prefer sheepskin / leather pads, I'm willing to spend on aftermarket pads if I need it to increase the comfort.
    Efficiency is not an issue probably, I'm using Dragonfly Red to drive it from my Macbook Pro.
    Sound wise, could you provide a comparison against the FLC8S? I'm using Red+Black+Gold filters, which mean that the mids are forward, and subbass and low bass is at maximum configuration. I don't really know how to describe the sound !
    Isolation should be quite ok, as long as its not that poor, since its already a closed back headphone, I assume isolation would always be good enough in general for office use.
    Budget is around USD700-750.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. serman005
    You might read about a Campfire Cascade and see what you think. It ticks some of your boxes. It could potentially work.
  3. infinitum4
    I can audition them nearby, might give them a try.
  4. ammthe
    I'm using Audioquest Nightowl with Dragonfly Black on my phone. You should try it out!
  5. infinitum4
    Yeah, I actually arrived at the Nightowl too, due to the price drop it might just be the most sensible choice right now. Will report back after I purchase and burn it in.
  6. infinitum4
    Reporting back after receving the Nightowl.

    These things are VERY COMFORTABLE MY GOD. The suspension system makes the headphone literally FLOAT. I'd even go as far as to say that these are more comfortable than my QC35. I have sensitive skin, so comfort is of utmost priority to me; I can vouch for the comfort of this. Ears do get hot after a while, which is unavoidable for an over-ear headphone, especially since I live near the equator where its constantly summer.
    I'm using the default stock pad that came attached to the cans (pleather I believe), as I don't like the texture of the suede pads anyway.
    I'm running these through Dragonfly Red, and I really really like the sound out of the box. Wonder how it will sound after the recommended 150 hrs burn in.

    At this price point this is practically a steal. Seriously.

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