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Closed back headphones for fun and gaming ?

  1. Thenewbie76
    So as the title says I am looking for a close back headphone with a fun sound signature like a V or W sound signature. I would also say that even though I said gaming tbh it's more like a bonus if the headphone can be used for gaming but for me the music is a priority. I was thinking between the triple driver over ear headphones or just to go all in and get the campfire cascade.I would be playing them from a THX 789 AMP with SMSL SU8 , m11(future) and topping nx4.
  2. serman005
    The Cascade is a nice headphone. You might want to read about its signature, though, if you have not. It is unique.
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Soundmagic HP151 headphones, fun sound :)
    Beyerdynamic T70 headphones, good clarity.
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  4. Law87
    Fostex Th900

    p.s you sound like a bass head, thats why I recommend those.
  5. Thenewbie76
    I tried them at canjam singapore last week and I really liked them . Nothing to complain.
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  6. Thenewbie76
    true I am a basshead but when I tried the fostex I felt that they were to claustrophobic for me and a little to hot on the treble if I recall. Though that was like quite sometime ago since I tried them

    @PurpleAngel thx for the recommendation .I will take a look into the beyerdynamic at my local stores. Weird that I have never touched a single beyerdynamic headphone at all , wanted to try their headphones at canjam but they just brought their average consumer line up and did not interest me. The soundmagic headphone might be harder to find though
  7. FullBlownEargasam
    I have the 1mores and have tried them for gaming on a few occasions but I still go back to my Argons. Looks like you have more than enough power to drive them too.
  8. Tidalizer
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

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