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Closed back headphone recommendations for fun listening to music

  1. amirraouf7
    Hi Guys,

    I'm new both to the site and also in audio.

    I am looking for a closed back headphone for fun listening to music, nothing critical but I would like it to be as close to what audiophiles would describe as a great headphone without loosing the fun part and perhaps I should mention I do like the sound signature to be on the warm side.

    For Amp I do own a Chord Mojo only.

    Headphone I do own an Audeze LCD2 Classic which I pretty like, and also an Audio Technica ATH-M50X which I don't use for listening to music at all and I don't really like it's sound signature.

    I also own an in ear Shure SE535 which I really don't like and planning to get rid of.

    I would appreciate any suggestions for a closed back preferably under $1000 ( I've been thinking about Sony MDR Z7) as well as an in ear.

  2. Rhamnetin
    I recommend the ZMF Ori. Don't worry about it not being fully closed back, it isolates just like one. I have both it and the fully sealed ZMF Blackwood: they each provide me the same level of isolation, and people right next to me can't hear a thing with either one. I've also used both with my Chord Mojo, and the end result is pleasing even if not as good as a good desktop setup.

    Essentially if you were to take Audeze's house sound and remove the upper mid/lower treble recession that makes vocals, pianos, and other things sound odd, then you've got something like the ZMF Ori/Blackwood. So someone who likes Audeze should like the ZMFs. I reviewed the Ori here on Head-Fi:


    The Ori and the Blackwood are also the two best closed-backs I have ever listened to, after all I decided on them when trying to find myself the best closed-back headphone possible (having also tried the Audeze LCD-XC, MrSpeakers Ether-C, many others). Though I have not listened to the ZMF Eikon yet, but that is over your price range anyway.
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  3. amirraouf7
    Thank you so very much, I'm going to read your review right away.
  4. serman005
    I highly recommend a Campfire Audio Cascade. It is just terrific. Maybe read about it and see what you think. It might work.
  5. amirraouf7
    Thanks, I actually had a look but there weren't many reviews on youtube (at least from the people I know and trust) yet and I didn't have a look here as I just joined but it looked pretty interesting!

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