Closed back headphone good for classical music for around €140
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Jun 26, 2015
Reason for the somewhat low budget is because of my desire for a portable player, since I really would like more memory than my 16 GB iPhone gives me at the moment.
I want closed since I will be using these mostly in public, and my ears produce so much earwax that IEM's aren't practical for me.
Signature--wise, I'd like headphones that work well with almost entirely classical, but also jazz and acoustic/indie music. The current sound-signature of my Beyer DT880 appeal to me, and I think they're quite nice for classical.
Other than that I'd also like a somewhat large soundstage, since I'll also be using these at LAN parties.
I have considered the Beyerdynamic DT-660 Edition, and they should supposedly work well with classical and jazz. Do you have any other recommendations? THere are of course the classics such as the AKG K553, but those involve me paying extra to get them into my country (Denmark).
Thanks for all suggestions!
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I don't know. I tend to think the headphones that suit me across genres often work well for most specific genres, including classical.

If you google 'classical music headphones head-fi', there are many threads discussing this already. :)

What portable player are you looking at?

Biggest soundstage is typically open headphones. But open headphones won't isolate well for LAN parties, if that's a problem. Since DT880 are semi-open, might not be a great choice.
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Yeah, I have looked at a pretty significant number of threads on head-fi so far, and there's alot of opinions...
I already own the DT 880's for home use, but want to get a pair of closed-back for walking around at home and for public.
I'm currently considering the FiiO X1 with a 64 GB card or an xDuoo X2 with a 32 GB card. Would you have any recommendations as to these?
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I'd go for the X1 based on my experience with the X3 and other FiiO products.

Yep. You'll get a lot of opinions about what is best for classical. Since you own the DT880s, I would suggest asking for a recommendation based on what you like/don't like about the DT880s in terms of their sonic character in terms of their bass, mids, and treble emphasis.

With the AKG K553, were you looking at the Massdrop deal for $120 + shipping? Don't know if that would put it close to your budget. Have not heard the K553, but I have the K550. They are more neutral in class like the DT880, IMO. And they have a great soundstage for a closed headphone. But a bit big and bulky for public use. Can't remember if they changed the cable on the K553, but the K550 cable is really LONG, and so inconvenient for portable use as well.

Brainwavz HM5/Fisher FA-003 might be available to you and fit your budget. These are the same headphone simply rebranded, and also available under other names. There are some major discussion threads for them on Head-Fi. Downside of them for portable use is that they do have big cushy ear pads, but they are uber comfortable.
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Well, as far as most recommendations go, for string and orchestral music, the DT 660 get the top spot for those two genres, which happen to also be the two genres of classical I listen to the most. There's some people that prefer that DT-250 250 Ohm version, but those don't quite have the look that the DT 660's have.
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Perhaps the Sony MDR-1A if you can find them in your price-range.  May have to find them used in order to do so.  They work very well with all genres, in my opinion. . .I love mine!  They don't isolate TOO well, but, well enough for portable use, as far as I'm concerned.
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Bumping a last time, and then I'll stop bothering

The PSB M4U 1 is pretty dang nice.  You want to make sure to use a really good source for it, and you want to get an aftermarket cable which is better than the one that comes stock with it, as the stock cable is absolute bottom-of-the-bucket cheap crap and a better cable is able to eliminate the headphone's issues with sibilance for the most part.  It's not nearly as portable and nto as well built as the Sony MDR-1A, though, which is why I ended up getting the MDR-1A instead.  But the M4U 1 has a much more neutral, un-colored signature than the MDR-1A, so would be better for Classical Music in-particular.

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