Closed back headphone for around $60

  1. Fustang

    I've got a FX Audio DAC-X6 and want to by a closed back headphone for work for +- $60 to use with it. I've being doing some research and found the Samson SR950 to be interesting. I have a HD598 at home, I listen to a wide variety of songs, they sound incredible but for a new headphone I'd like something with a little mora bass.

    What do you guys think, should I go ahead with the SR950 or are there better options around $60?

    I'm asking here because I'm very layman regarding this and want to make sure I'm getting a great product for my money.
  2. serman005
    I like the Samson fairly well. You might also read about an ATH-M30X and see what you think. I am pretty happy with mine and it is in your price range generally. Worth a read, IMHO. :)

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