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Cleer DJ over ear headphones, used

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by SDBiotek, May 12, 2019.
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  1. SDBiotek
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    The headphones have a few small scratches but the headband and earpads are in good condition. The one issue is that the "PASC" switch on the right earcup is loose and does not actually turn the PASC circuit on or off. The headphones can still be charged, but charging them now will just allow you to turn on the LED lights on the earcups.

    Per Cleer, "Psycho-Acoustic Spectral Compensation sound technology emphasizes the bass components of your favorite music playlists for true bass response at both low and high volumes and consistent musical enjoyment regardless of the volume setting." Again, the PASC switch is not working, so it cannot be turned on or off.

    These work fine passively without the PASC functionality. Comfort is decent with the soft earpads and headband padding, but the earcups may be too small if you have large ears.These are not Audeze LCD heavy, but are fairly hefty due to the partly metal construction.

    The original coiled cable, straight cable within inline volume control, 1/4" adapter, and hardcase are included.

    Asking price is FIRM but includes shipping and PayPal.

    Continental US only, please. No trades.
    If interested, please send a PM. Thanks!
    Cleer DJ_6.jpg Cleer DJ_5.jpg Cleer DJ_4.jpg Cleer DJ_3.jpg Cleer DJ_2.jpg Cleer DJ_1.jpg
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  2. buonassi
    What a great idea! Excellent.
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  3. SDBiotek
    Photos added.
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  7. SDBiotek
    Price drop.
  8. SDBiotek

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