Clears vs the 800s
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Luke Thomas

500+ Head-Fier
Oct 24, 2017
Ive had the Clears for a couple years. Very nice but always want something different. Ive noticed that the 800s are offered, open box for about $1200. What is your thought on purchasing the 800S. Thanks
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Heard the 800S but briefly, seems to lack bass impact and lower bass, with a slight/medium treble brightness - similar to the HD600, but with a vastly better soundstage, and another level or two of detail. Haven't heard it with corrective EQ, but I hear its very effective and unlike the 600 will take the bass boost.

The Clear which I have not heard is described as a better 600, which makes it sound mid way between the 600 and 800S. But that's just a guess.

Nothing quite like going thru ones collection with a new highly effective transducer in the mix. Go for it!

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