Clearance Sale at Head-Direct!!!

  1. TeamHiFiMAN
    Hi all,
    Head-Direct is having a sale on the following items. Please see below for links to items and descriptions and photos.
    Warranty will be return or refund within 7 days of purchase and arrival of item.
    HE500   Regular Price: $599.00
      Special Price: $349.00 

    HE400 Regular Price: $299.00
      Special Price: $149.00 

    HE300 Regular Price: $249.00
      Special Price: $99.00 

    HE400i Regular Price: $499.00
      Special Price: $299.00 

    HE400i+EF2A    Regular Price: $599.00
      Special Price: $399.00 

    Headphone amp clearance:
    EF3-110V Regular price:
    $159.00  ​
    Special Price:​

    Qinpu A-6000  
    Regular Price: $249.00
      Special Price: $149.00 

    Thanks everyone for your continued support of HIFIMAN products! [​IMG]
    HIFIMAN Team
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  2. serman005
    Those are some very good prices!

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