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Clear Tune Monitors' line of Premium Cables is officially available

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  1. hamhamhamsta
    I was talking with Natemack; I would recommend Okoi; I have Phantom & Prelude, they are both pretty close, but my left Phantom is in repair, part of the shell cracked. Okoi will give that sparkle though it may sounds a little subdued; I think it's because Okoi was less than 10 hours used. But it is slowly opening up and getting tighter. It's a very good sound/quality silver cable and looks so pretty. It will brighten your Phantom, giving better clarity separation at slight expense of timber, also remove perceived veil if you are ok with it. Also, Phantom won't be as thick or warm as with Ares/ Ares II 8W; it will sounds more balanced with lesser warmth.

    Here it is:

    I think Okoi should play well with Phantom
    You’ll get all the advantages described in my short take of Prelude at expense of timbre
    I kinda use only right ear Phantom with left ear SE5U; you’ll probably retain 70 % or even more of Phantom timbre
    Since you DAP is neutral; I assume it wouldn’t affect much
    Okoi is 80% silver with Palladium added so it doesn’t behave like usual silver
    Okoi has silver clarity and resolution but it seems sound softer; doesn’t hit as hard but again my cable is only less than 10 hours so it should tighten much better

    I did quick compare with original Ares cable; there is no comparison
    Oboist is light years ahead of Ares if you value clarity and resolution

    However the decision is yours; since I don’t have similar gears as yours I can only make educated guess
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
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  2. Audio Addict Contributor
    Mine came in. Unfortunately my CT500 Elites had to go back for a fit adjustment and I did not get to try the cable. One note, they are designed for a recessed socket so if your IEM aren't designed for that, the part that would have been hidden is exposed.
  3. Audio Addict Contributor
    Does anyone understand the 8 wire pricing?

    4 wire copper $160 / 8 wire = $350

    4 wire hybrid $180 / 8 wire = $380

    4 wire silver alloy $200 / 8 wire = $400

    Is terminating 8 wire that more labor intensive given no extra hardware costs?
  4. natemact
    @Clear Tune Monitors you alive? Tagged you in here. 2x PM's. Emailed. I'd like to give you money if you mind responding to me someday...
  5. pali
    Hey @hamhamhamsta ! Appreciate your feedback! Will look into it. I recently bought Penon OS849 from Natemact and thought it made my Phantom a little too bright but did open up the sound and improve clarity. Would you lend me your cable for a while to test out? :p

    Have they replied to you yet? Some companies underestimate the power of good ol' customer interaction in business.
  6. natemact
    No, and...
  7. proedros
    a European demo tour would be most welcome , in the market for a copper cable for my Zeus XR

    was looking for ares ii but this seems an interesting copper cable
  8. Tybot
    I have these cable and can confirm that both sound quality and build quality are top notch. I'm actually surprised there isn't more about them on here.
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  9. Audio Addict Contributor
    I have the copper and silver 4 wire (no hybrid) and they are built well and sound excellent. I would recommend them for 2 pin recessed IEMs.
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