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Clear Tune Monitors' line of Premium Cables is officially available

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  1. Clear Tune Monitors
    We completely agree with your assessment on cables and, for peace of mind, would like to refresh the idea that our cables carry a Limited 1-Year Warranty.
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  2. Clear Tune Monitors
    For that matter we would like to state the fact that we back our product with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.
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  3. Clear Tune Monitors
    We're glad you liked the DaVincis, we absolutely love them and can't wait to start shipping them, we're working hard to make that happen this month.

    As for mmcx, we're not big fans of that standard, but promotions... that might happen :dt880smile:
  4. crabdog
    Yes, MMCX can be a real nightmare and I wouldn't be upset if that format disappeared forever! Even a lot of the cheaper Chi-Fi IEMs are starting to switch to 2-pin connectors now.
  5. Clear Tune Monitors
    Just to clarify, gold is in nowhere mentioned in the product description. Actually the alloy is Silver+Palladium+Copper with >80% Silver
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  6. Clear Tune Monitors
    Exactly, we didn't mention gold. the actual alloy is Silver+Palladium+Copper with >80% Silver
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  7. unknownguardian
    Glad to hear that, looking forward to the official release of the DaVinci series! And if I remember correctly, you guys mentioned that each DaVinci model comes with a choice of one of the 4-wire premium cable, is this still in the current plan?
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  8. Clear Tune Monitors
    In the product description we state "silver/rare metal alloy" for simplification purposes, the actual alloy is Silver+Palladium+Copper with >80% Silver

    As for conductors we have 23 AWG per wire, 72 strands per wire, 288 strands per cable (4-wire model) or 576 strands per cable (8-wire model)
  9. Dobrescu George
    This is lovely :)

    Those cables would surely make a sweet pair for some Premium IEMs where the cables needed an upgrade, like RE2000 for example, it is an excellent IEM, but most people were looking for a worthy cable upgrade, so ClearTune Cables would probably be quite the match for it
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  10. Clear Tune Monitors
    Indeed it comes with the 4-wire Hybrid 2.55mm cable
  11. natemact
    I like to think this spread of cables could satisfy ALL iems....but people always called me a dreamer....fat too
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  12. Whitigir
    Very nice! Thanks for the clarifications ! 8 wires shall be around 21AWG per polarity ! Woaaa, it is a bargain honestly
  13. natemact
    @Clear Tune Monitors Could you please speak more to your choice of silver alloy ratio.

    I'd like to think you tried other ratios and the end result was the Goldilocks ratio : ) Seems silver cables are harder to get right with headgear than they are with 2ch. Makes sense to me due to iem/hps ability to magnify faults considering transducer to ear distance. Some get it right tho and here's hoping Juba and Okoi are the next ones.
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  14. Audio Addict Contributor
    Has anyone received their cable? Mine should be in this week.
  15. pali
    Looking to upgrade the cable that goes between my DX200Ti and Phantom and can't decide between, Ares II 8W, Eros II 8w, or Juba 8.

    I want extra sparkle so that I can distinctly make out each hit of the hi hat but still maintain the timbre of the Phantoms or at least go neutral but definitely not cold.

    Any recommendations? Do you have a tour coming? What's your return policy?
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