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Clear Tune Monitors (CTM) | The official company thread

  1. Clear Tune Monitors

    Drive and passion: that’s what Clear Tune Monitors was born out of, and that’s what its founder Cesar Milano transmits to his team each and every day.

    Cesar’s commitment to his craft and his business is simple: offer the highest quality in-ear monitors for demanding music fans and professionals at the best possible price.

    Cesar spent more than 10 years as a touring musician, giving him plenty of time to think about what constitutes the best monitoring experience. Clearly, in-ear monitors were the way to go, but prices were steep. That’s when inspiration struck.


    With the help of audiologists and hearing aid professionals near his home in Central Florida, Cesar developed a custom fit dual-driver in-ear monitor that he knew would benefit musicians on stage without breaking their budget. The in-ear model, which came to be Clear Tune Monitor’s CT-200, proved to Cesar and his fellow musicians that exceptional sonic performance can be achieved at a price that was affordable to working musicians.

    CTM quickly became a regional success among musicians, FOH engineers, and DJs in Florida, but a rave review on the personal audio forum Head-Fi in 2009 introduced the brand and its products to a legion of music lovers and audiophiles who were turning their attention to professional audio products.

    Experience proved that different users have different tastes, leading Cesar and his team to develop 3-,4- and 5-driver models so to offer as many sonic options as possible within the bounds of the company's core principle: quality sound at a competitive price. However, the company’s first model aimed directly at audiophiles arrived in 2014 when the 6-driver CT-6E came to market, featuring a whole new sound signature with extended lows, extended highs and an overall non-fatiguing listening experience.


    With an ever-growing customer base using the company’s custom in-ear monitors, it was time in 2015 to develop universal fit models to reach the audiophile and music fan market segment. For the newly expanded product direction, Cesar brought in long-time collaborator Castor Milano, who used his years of expertise in pro audio to lead the design team.

    Cesar and Castor share a love for vintage audio gear, so it was no surprise when they developed CTM’s Vintage Series.

    The Vintage Series epitomizes the belief that, at least when it comes to audio, the past was indeed better. The mindset is less nostalgic than it is an acknowledgement of the feeling experienced when listening to classic equipment. Dual, triple and quad driver configurations made their way into this series, with a sound signature developed mainly for music listening, expanding the sonic palette already offered by CTM.


    The Vintage Series has been well received in Asia and is generating a big buzz among audiophiles in North America and across the globe.

    As a proud Head-Fi sponsor, CTM is looking forward to engaging with the most committed audiophile community in personal audio. Please feel free to message us with your questions, comments and inquiries. We’re here for you, to give you our support and contribute to the growth and dynamism of the Head-Fi community.
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